of clothing waste heading to landfills. Most used


If a zipper breaks or the soles of your shoes break down, consider getting them repaired. In the past, you ma webapex.net y have been ready to toss them and buy new ones.

Shop During the Off-Season

There are ways to buy ethical clothing at a lower price. Consider shopping during their off-season. If you want to get a new bathing suit, shop around during January. Pick up a few new westernmagazine.org winter pieces in April. Make the most of off-season prices.

Buy Used Clothing

If you want to buy ethical ysin.org clothing and are on a budget, consider buying secondhand pieces. New materials aren’t needed for used clothing. Water, energy, and toxic chemicals aren’t used during this process.

You will reduce the amount of clothing waste heading to landfills. Most used clothing tends to be cheaper, as well.

Head to your local thrift store. You can go to fancy consignment stores or local charity stores. Check out these shops often to find clothing pieces in your size.

On the weekends, look for local garage or yard sales. Most garage sales have clothing listed at a low price.

If you’re looking for specific ethical clothing brands, consider searching online. You can shop on eBay or check out Facebook Marketplace.